5 little things


This past week, I found myself in a conversation with colleagues/friends about the little things we do in our day that go a long way to make us successful.  I found myself scribbling notes – not because these were new ideas I’d never thought of, but they were simple ideas that have so much truth to them.  Are you looking for something to make you smile on the way to work?  Or be more successful in your day?  These little ideas may be just what you are looking for!

belt some tunes

Create a morning playlist that is bound to get your day started off right.  I have a Spotify playlist that I start while I’m getting ready in the morning, and then I keep it going during my morning commute.  From Walk the Moon, to Miley Cyrus, to 90’s Tim McGraw, this list could not be more random.  But, it’s what I love, and it definitely helps me get going in the a.m.

write it down

At the start of your day, make a list of 5 things you must get done before the end of your day.  Resist the urge to add more than 5 things – we all know that unexpected things will enter our day, and if you add to much to your list, you won’t feel as successful if you only cross half of them off.  Set 5 attainable goals for your day, and attack them.  You’ll be surprised at the direction this gives you, and the satisfaction you feel when your list is complete.

work it out

The physical and mental benefits of exercise and movement are endless.  I will admit – I struggle daily with this one.  I’m always fighting the urge to sleep a bit longer or watch my favorite t.v. show instead of working out.  I wish I could bottle that post-exercise glow, because I always feel great after I make it happen!  Last week I started working out early in the morning, and while it was tough to lose the extra half hour of sleep, it really did feel great.  I’m going to continue that habit this week in hopes that I can turn it into a regular routine most days of the week!

be an early bird

Along the same lines, setting my alarm clock super early has been a game changer for me.  Waking up before the rest of my clan gives me some “me” time, and helps start my day off calmly.  Whether I’m working out or just drinking my coffee in peace, I love the serenity of a quiet, dark morning.

set your priorities

This world has a way of distracting us from what is most important to us and our families.  Practice this little exercise – write down what makes you smile, or what is most important to you.  Now write down what you do each day.  How do you need to adjust your list so more of the first list is on your daily list?  Decide what your priorities are, and don’t give up on them.

How do you find success or happiness in your day?  This list will look a little different for all of us.  I’m learning that the more intentional I am with my time and my thoughts, the more I feel satisfied with the days and weeks as they pass.  Happy Monday, friends!

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