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a magical birthday party

When it came time to think about Corinne’s birthday party theme this year, her answer was quick – a unicorn party!  I am not sure where this obsession came from, but it was a really fun theme for mama to execute.  Here is a little glimpse into her special day!

birthday girl ready to go.  She could not wait for the party to start!  Check out those shoes 😉

I think her favorite part of the party were the balloons.  She must have said thank you, mommy! at least a dozen times Friday night when I brought them home.

yummy cupcakes courtesy of my mom (thank you!)

lunch was Chik Fil A catering + sides that I made…so easy and good!

cake + ice cream time.  Those are some happy kiddos right there!

We got Corinne her first bike!  Wish us luck, this could be a long summer of training 😉

Sabrina getting snuggles from Nana

time for games!  I gave them an upside down ice cream cone (a ‘unicorn horn’), a whole bunch of sugary decorating supplies, and let them go to town 🙂

Pin the horn on the unicorn!

first time on her bike!

And that was a wrap on Corinne’s birthday – naps for everyone followed 🙂  Corinne just loves birthdays, and is already planning her next one, haha.  We love you, spunky girl!

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