a merry little Christmas

I can’t believe the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season is coming to a close.  Such a whirlwind!  We were blessed to spend time with so many of our family members this year, but when it comes down to it, my most favorite moment of the Christmas season is always Christmas morning.  To see the magic of the holiday through Corinne’s (and soon Sabrina’s) eyes is so special.  I hope each of you had a little bit of magic in your day, too!

Getting ready for Christmas Eve in New Castle

I’m ready for sister pictures to get a bit easier!  😉

Santa was up to the wee hours of the night getting this table & chairs ready.  So worth it!  I absolutely love the quiet of Christmas Eve, and spending quality time with Brian to get ready for the next morning.

Ruby always has to get in on the action!

Corinne loved her table & chairs right away!  I know we will get so much use from them.

Sabrina isn’t too impressed with this Christmas thing yet 😉

Santa sure delivered on the unicorn request!

We spent the morning at home before heading to my mom’s house for Christmas lunch, and then dinner with my dad back at our house later in the evening.  We were all wiped by the end, but what a good day we had!  Sabrina decided to sleep until 7 a.m. the next day (praise hands!!!), and we all rest and recouped.  I can’t believe the season is over…now who wants to come clean my house and organize all these toys?!

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