book review: the life giving home

I’ve mentioned The Life Giving Home multiple times over the past few months…most specifically, when I recapped what brings comfort to our home here.  Yes, that was 3 months ago, if that gives you an idea of where I’m going with this review!  I started out loving this book.  In the craziness of our world, it was comforting to think about what we do to ‘settle down’ our lives at times, and ways we could bring more peace and tradition to our home.  I love that, and I do crave more of that.


This book is split up with a chapter per month of the year.  The authors (a mother/daughter duo) talk about traditions their families have during each month/season.  There were some chapters that I couldn’t get enough of, but honestly, I had a hard time opening the book to read further when I got about half way through.  I realized that I was starting to feel a bit daunted by the book – there were so many ‘picture perfect’ moments that this family was creating around their home, dinner table, and life.  All of a sudden I was feeling bad about our reality when it didn’t look just like theirs.

I definitely had a resurgence of interest as the book rounded toward the end with its September-December chapters.  I love this time of year, and the memories and traditions that are waiting to be had.  It was fun to read their perspective on this time of year, and what their holidays look like.

Bottom line – I had to learn to take the wisdom of this book with a grain of salt.  Yes, there were many ideas I picked up from the book that I would love to implement at home.  Less social media time, more home cooked meals and more intentional family time are all ‘goals’ I would love to work on.  But overall, I know I need to practice grace when looking at our family and our home.  Sometimes ordering in pizza actually gives us more family time in the evening, even if we aren’t nailing the ‘perfectly balanced dinner’ thing that night.  Sometimes we will set out on one of our favorite family tradition days, and it will go horribly awry.  But ya know what, those make some pretty great memories, too 🙂


Take, for instance, our yearly trip to the apple orchard as a family.  We’ve taken Corinne every year, and I love the back roads, low key atmosphere of this place!  It’s been hard to feel spunky and active this fall with my pregnancy nearing an end, but I knew I wanted to make this memory happen before baby girl came.  We pulled up, and Corinne started excitedly rubbing pumpkins, grabbing apples and smelling mums.  That’s my girl!  We decided to get some apple treats first – cider slushies and biscuits w/apple butter – before we set off for the playground.  But when we each only got one biscuit (serving of 3 biscuits + 3 people = you do the math), Corinne lost.her.mind.  I’m talking tears and snot rolling down the face, kicking and screaming, making a huge scene over a biscuit.  Brian and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, haha!  It was evident the trip was over, so we took her to the car, got home, and she took a 3 hour nap.  Sigh, toddlers.

Case in point, that is an apple orchard trip we won’t soon forget.  And yes, I’m thinking about trying again this week to see if we can have a better day.  But through this season of young kiddos and change, I know above all, our family needs grace.  I hope all of you mamas out there are allowing yourselves some grace on days like these, too!

We are in final countdown mode for baby girl’s arrival, and I’m so excited to focus in on our family, and create a new normal together as a family of four.  Introductions will be coming soon as we meet the new love of our lives!

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