celebrating 9 years

Nine years ago, this quiet, cute, bearded guy and I started dating.  Wedding anniversaries are special, but there is something extra special about celebrating the day we “made it official.”  Brian and I started dating the fall of our senior year at Ball State.  We met through mutual friends (hello Patterson’s!), and a few weeks later, our other mutual friends started dating as well (hello Triplett’s!).  Thus began our senior year that was so carefree, and


From the beginning, Brian has been a constant in my life – I always knew where I stood with him, and how he felt.  Probably a week after our first date was our Fall Break, and both Brian and I stayed in Muncie for the long weekend.  Each day, after we would see a movie or go out for coffee, he would ask me, “Can I see you tomorrow?”  There were no games, no questions – he knew what he wanted and I loved that.


Nine years later, life looks pretty different than it did back then.  There are bills to be paid, dishes to be washed, and grass to be mowed.  We can’t get up and go on a date any night we choose.  But, I wouldn’t trade our life now for the world – I’m so thankful for what we have built together.  We still see our college friends often, and getting together with them always reminds me of the beginning of our relationship.


If I thought I loved him before, seeing Brian as a daddy has been the most amazing experience.  He is strict and strong, but also so caring and loving.  He basically hung the moon in Corinne’s world.  I am so thankful that she has this strong example of how she should be loved.


Here’s to nine fast years, and celebrating beginnings that revolved around fun nights with great friends, and quiet date nights with my quiet guy.  I’d choose life with you all over again in a heart beat!

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