comfort, part 1


About a week ago I posted a picture of the current book I’m reading – The Life Giving Home.  I’m not all the way through yet, but I really love the message of this book.  The Clarkson’s show the importance of home, and creating a home that comforts and nourishes your family.  They provide specific examples along the way of their family methods, but they are very open about the idea of finding the routines and rituals that will work for your family.

This book was introduced to me at a great time – our family is about to grow, which is so exciting, but also presents us with a time that feels a little uneasy and full of change.  How will Corinne adapt?  Will we remember how to care for a newborn, and balance it well with taking care of our toddler?  I know countless of families have followed this journey before us, and I know with a bit of grace and humor, we will survive and adjust to our new norm.  But focusing on what keeps our family in rhythm and balance?  I’ll definitely use that reminder in the coming months.

I thought I’d break my thoughts on the book into two posts – what I do now that brings comfort to me and our family, and what I’d like to improve on.  This book has provided so much inspiration on how to bring balance and fun to our days as a young family!

early morning routine


About a year ago I started purposefully waking up before the rest of our house.  Do I make it every day?  Nope.  But my days tend to feel so much less chaotic when I do.  My routine can change – at times this was my time to get in my 30 minute workout for the day.  But, most of the time this is my quiet time.  I make some coffee (and these days, hopefully don’t gag on it), watch channel 13 news, catch up on my favorite bloggers, read, etc.  I love having a tiny bit of time to do whatever feeds my soul.

yummy smells


I am definitely a clean freak by nature, and while I’ve had to let go of the standard of perfection with a tornado toddler and furry dog, nothing feels better than a tidy, semi-clean home.  Part of a clean home to me is clean smells.  Many candles have started to smell too strong to me recently (pregnancy nose?), but I noticed that Bath and Body Works was starting to debut their yearly fall line,  and I’m so excited to bring my all-time fave back into our home!  The “Autumn” scent will keep our home smelling yummy until December, my friends.  This spring and summer, I’ve been loving my Young Living diffuser and essential oils to fill our home with a light scent.  Citrus Fresh, Thieves+Lemon and Peppermint+Grapefruit have been my favorite blends lately.

Sunday night dinner


I really make an effort to cook most nights of the week, but when the schedule or day gets crazy, admittedly this can be one of the first to-dos that I toss (you can pretty much bet this is going to end up in my “things to improve on” post!).  One night I love to cook on, though, is Sunday.  Usually our Sunday schedule is a bit quieter, and gives me a little more time to try something new.  I’ll scour Pinterest or browse some of my favorite cookbooks for inspiration for the coming Sunday, because I know I’ll have more time to execute.  Recent Sunday dinners have featured fresh summer produce and the grill – Greek Chicken Gyros and Salmon with Tomato Basil Relish.  So good!

When I’m browsing a cookbook – I almost always fall back to the Pioneer Woman.  All of her recipes have served me well over the years, and her books and lifestyle seem to always echo the message of simplicity and focusing on family.  Love her!



I am such a blanket person, and I’m afraid I’ve passed the trait down to Corinne (could be worse, right?).  Corinne was born in the still-chilly month of March, and we spent lots of hours snuggled under blankets on the couch.  No matter the season, you can always find our couch littered with snuggly blankets!  Corinne has special blankets she sleeps with at night, and another she takes to Bonnie’s for naptime.  When I think of relaxing at home, I think of…blankets.

down time


With all of our busy schedules, it is essential that we schedule some down time at home as a family.  I’m such a homebody at heart, and if I don’t have enough time at home to refuel, I feel so out of balance.  Down time these days includes lots of play inside, playing outside in the water table or on Corinne’s tricycle (when it isn’t too hot outside like this past weekend, ugh!!), catching up on Fixer Upper during nap time, etc.  I love a good adventure, but nothing soothes my soul more than a Sunday afternoon at home with my favorite people.

What brings peace, happiness and order to your home?  I’ll be finishing this book soon and sharing my thoughts on new routines and rituals that will help my family focus on our priorities.  I’m thankful for this book’s reminder of what matters most!

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