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dance recital 2016

Corinne had her first dance recital with Tippy Toes this weekend, and we were so proud of our tiny dancer!  Two weeks ago we had her rehearsal on stage (right before we left for Hilton Head), and the day didn’t go so well.  Corinne’s class went out on stage a total of 3 times, but Corinne would only go out the first time.  We didn’t know what to expect for her recital – all I wanted was for her to be comfortable enough to go out there!  Our girl made us so proud – not only did she go out each time with no fear, she did her dances, and even created her own little solo time at the end of her ballet dance (because, obviously, diva).  Here’s a little recap of our fun night!




passing the time back stage…snacks, friends and selfies


All lined up for their tap dance – “Life is a Highway” from the Cars movie


The whole second half of the recital was a production of Alice in Wonderland.  Corinne’s ballet dance was “I just love getting dressed for tea.”


Corinne out on stage by herself at the end of her ballet dance.  All the other girls had gone off stage, and Corinne was floating and doing arabesque’s on stage before Alice carried her off.  So sweet!


So excited after the show was over – she got her own medal!


Corinne’s fan crowd in the audience


proud little family


Probably Corinne’s favorite part of the night?  Getting flowers from Daddy and Nana!

Corinne attends dance class at the same studio where I studied my entire childhood…I’m really trying not to go all dance mom on her, but my heart was so proud and happy to see her in the same place where I spent so many happy days.  No matter what passions and hobbies she chooses over the years, I’m happy that we’ve had this experience together!

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