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Easter basket fillers

The Easter parade continues around here with the much-coveted Easter baskets!  I was always so excited to open mine growing up…it is kind of the spring equivalent of a Christmas stocking.  Here are ideas I’m drumming up for Miss Corinne this year!


For Corinne’s first Easter, I splurged on one of these beautiful Easter baskets.  A little pricey, yes, but I know we will use it for years!  You better believe I’ll be filling her basket with little gift cards and flip flops when she’s 15 😉

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basket grass fillerplastic eggs

These basket must-haves are very inexpensive, but don’t forget to save these things, mamas!  I throw it all in a grocery sack inside the basket before I stow it away for the next year, and then it’s all there waiting for me the next year.

And now, the filler ideas…I love small activities for spring and warmer weather, stock up items that Corinne needs, and of course, a treat or two!

easter baskets

the best stuffed animals everglitter sidewalk chalknew undies … heart sunglasses … spring jammies … crayons … a bedtime book … bunny gummies … spring sneakers

happy basket filling, my friends!

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