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entertaining a spunky 3-year-old

We are getting close to the one month mark of having Sabrina home with us (how is that possible?!), and for the most part, we’ve all adjusted very well.  I think one of the hardest things for me over the past few weeks has been keeping Corinne busy while keeping up with Sabrina’s schedule.  Baby girl has been incredibly easy-going so far (such a blessing!), but newborns are a lot of work!

When I’m home solo with Corinne and Sabrina, I feel like I’m constantly balancing between both their needs (and hopefully finding a minute or two for mama, too).  I’m trying to be very mindful of keeping Sabrina home as much as possible, to avoid germs and sickness – we’ve all had colds at home just as it is!  This has sometimes created a challenge with Corinne – girlfriend has energy, and spending 8 hours watching Disney Junior absolutely won’t cut it!  After a few days of survival mode, I started intentionally creating some fun things for us to do around the house, and that has made a big difference in our day.

Here’s a little look into the fun we’ve been up to lately!

craft time

img_4173 img_4172

Corinne loves anything involving coloring/painting/creating, and they do this a lot at Bonnie’s house.  We busted out some finger paint last week and had some fun!  It really wasn’t that messy, and Corinne loved it.  We took turns painting each other’s hands, and she loved mixing the colors.  Other ‘crafty’ things Corinne loves: ‘doing homework’ or ‘taking orders’ with lined paper and pens, coloring, stickers, and Play Doh.



I posted on Instagram a little while ago that I ordered one of my favorite blogger’s new cook book.  I love that the cook book is split by month, with seasonal ideas for breakfast, meals and dessert for each month.  I also love that the recipes are all pretty simple and family friendly!  Corinne and I tried out her pumpkin chocolate bars last week – she loved breaking the eggs and mixing the chocolate part 🙂

img_4151 img_4154

(It should be noted that a 3-year-old breaking eggs into a batter requires incredible patience and good attitude from the mama – something I’m working on every day 😉  It should also be noted I may never reach pre-pregnancy weight if we keep baking every week, ha!)

getting some fresh air


We’ve had some great weather lately, and we are trying to take advantage!  It is amazing what a 15-20 minute walk around the block can do for all of our attitudes.

mama’s helper


Corinne loves helping around the house.  From mixing the pink lemonade, to pulling clothes out of the dryer, to even dusting our furniture (ha, jokes on you kid!), Corinne likes to keep busy and be independent in household tasks.  This helps me get things done, and helps her have some fun!

None of these adventures are big, but they have definitely helped keep Corinne (and me) in good spirits as we’ve been stuck home a lot more.  I do feel like we can start braving some errands and events outside of the house, so wish us luck as we take on those adventures!

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