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Happy Friday!  Today I’m I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for my Friday Favorites.



Spring fashion is popping everywhere, and I ain’t complaining.  Except – oh yeah – we won’t be able to wear any of it for the next 2 months.  I try to never wish time away (it goes too fast as it is!), but I’m sure ready for some sunnier days!



Last Friday we kicked off the weekend with a spontaneous trip to Red Line for frozen yogurt, and Corinne was just in heaven.  Southsiders, have you ever been here before?  It is just like Orange Leaf, but subway themed.  Corinne loved picking her toppings and “riding the subway.”



My co-workers and I had fun this week sharing our show choir memories!



I just can’t get enough of this granola these days!  Greek yogurt, granola, and blackberries or blueberries makes the perfect breakfast or snack.


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I have a major crush on Justin Baldoni from Jane the Virgin (sorry, Brian!), and it dawned on me why this week…he bears striking resemblance to my Disney heartthrob, Flynn Rider.  Ha!  #hottieTVactor #hottiedisneyhero #ihaveatype



That smile is always my favorite.  She is the perfect mix of tomboy and girly…one day she is begging for her Pacers T-shirt, and this week, this fluffy hot pink dress.  This balance will serve her well in life!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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