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friday favorites

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Happy Friday, friends!  I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika to share some of my favorites for the week.



I am loving fresh summer produce, and I’m trying to take advantage of it as much as we can.  Corinne and I stopped by Pleasant View Orchard for local corn on the cob and tomatoes, and of course, had to indulge in an apple slushie!  I definitely want to go back here several times this summer…not a ton of selection, but plenty for us, and it is so close to us!



I’ve been using a face primer for a while now, and I love the clean slate it creates for my makeup application.  I recently tried Younique’s version, and it is great!  A quick swipe across my face and eyelids helps my makeup glide on smoother, and stay put longer.



I almost feel a little guilty about this one, guys.  I am such a loyal person at heart, and I have been a faithful Meijer grocery shopper since my mom started shopping there when I was young.  Recently, they have been undergoing major construction, probably so they can compete with the new, fresh Kroger Marketplaces that have popped up in town.  I tried to stay faithful during the construction, but it has been so frustrating.  I tried out Kroger about a month ago, and friends, I can’t turn back.  My bill has stayed the same, the produce section is great, they bag and load the groceries into my cart, and there is a Starbucks inside if I want to make my trip just a bit more leisurely.  Grocery shopping is a bit more fun again!



I snagged these cup/straw combos on Amazon recently, and Corinne is sure loving feeling like a big girl with her new cups.  They are easy to take care of, and no need to keep track of straws, because they are attached!

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