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happy Friday, friends!  I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika this week to share this post that has turned into part Friday favorites + part life lately.  These are the moments that have been filling our days lately…



I am so happy to have Shakeology back in my life after multiple months of gagging on it (oh, pregnancy joys).  My favorite recipe of chocolate Shakeo, PB2, almond milk, frozen banana and ice never gets old.  (That cute, spikey-haired toddler in the back is a favorite, too!)


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I read a trick online recently – apparently a drop of lavender oil in your mascara will boost your lash growth and thickness.  Worth a try?  At the very least, morning makeup application just got a bit more calming 😉



I thought Corinne would never get the hang of pedaling her tricycle, and out of no where one day, she took off!  This girl does life on her own time, for sure.  We’ve filled our evenings and weekends with lots of tricycle rides ever since.  (P.S. does anyone else think she looks like Wayne from Wayne’s World here?!  The hat + hair combo cracks me up!)


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I’ve always been a sucker for Corinne’s clothes, but now that I’ve got sisters to coordinate?  We’re in trouble, my friends.  How sweet are these Halloween jammies?  (I know, too soon?)  Halloween will be baby #2’s first holiday, so of course I’ve been thinking about a sweet little outfit for both of them.



A snuggly, clean toddler at bedtime is the absolute best.  (Except those pre-bedtime sillies she’s been getting lately…, sweet child!!)  Getting said toddler in bed so you can watch the Bachelorette finale is probably even better.  #ohjojo #youareamess #jordan?really?


IMG_3480 IMG_3491


Need a pick me up or stress reliever in your life?  Just go watch 3-year-olds play soccer!  Corinne started soccer league this week, and it was the funniest (and sweetest) thing I’ve ever seen.  She loved it!  We’ve got a busy few months coming up with soccer + dance (oh yeah, and having a baby), but I’m excited to see her grow and learn!  She looked so darn big out there this week at practice, and she made me so proud.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  XO

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