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friday favorites

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Happy Friday, friends!  And more importantly, happy Friday before Labor Day!  (amen)   I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika today to share my recent favorites, and to celebrate the best day of the work week!



 I didn’t think there could be any clothing that could excite this 7.5 month preggo, but I’ve recently jumped on the LuLaRoe wagon.  I had seen glimpses and mentions of this quirky clothing brand on Facebook for months, but didn’t really look much into it.  It wasn’t until I started seeing how maternity/post-partum friendly the designs were that I started to go, ‘hmmm?’  So, I ordered myself a Classic T and immediately fell in love.  My normal size fits this large belly just fine, and I know the cut will be even cuter when I’m no longer pregnant.  I love this blog post about wearing LuLaRoe as maternity clothing.  I’ve stocked up on a few pieces that I know will be staples for my maternity leave wardrobe in the coming months…the fabrics and styles are so soft and comfy!  Perfect for snuggling a newborn or chasing a toddler around the house.

LuLaRoe is probably most famous for their ‘buttery soft’ leggings.  I did buy a pair, and we will see how I like those once this bump is gone!



I wasn’t great about taking pictures last weekend, but it was chocked full of celebration!  I went to my cousin Stephanie’s bridal shower on Saturday while Brian took Corinne to her soccer game.   I felt strange without my little BFF with me!


Sunday was Cooper and Caroline’s birthday party in Lafayette.  This was definitely the quietest and stillest moment of the day 😉  Look at little Benjamin looking like a big man there!



Judge away, my friends, but this foot spa is totally helping my sore pregnant feet.  (I know, glamourous)  I soak in some Epsom salts and hot water right before bed, and it helps my tired feet so much.



I know it isn’t gone forever, but when we had a break from the 90 degree weather yesterday, my soul was so happy.  Corinne and I enjoyed a walk after dinner, and it was so refreshing!



We are headed to the lake this weekend for Labor Day, and I couldn’t be more excited for some quiet family time!  This is definitely a Corinne and Ruby-approved favorite 🙂  I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!

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