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friday favorites

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Happy Friday!  I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika today to share my favorites from the past week (and really, from the past month).



Old Navy is hit or miss for me, but I’ve been loving some of their pieces this season.  This hoodie is so soft (almost like a light sweater material), and has been on repeat in my wardrobe.  This drapey tee is also such a soft material, looks cute with some of my fringe or floral infinity scarves, and is forgiving to my ‘just had a baby’ bod.  Love these finds!




One morning this week, Corinne and I were both in a ‘funk.’  Stuck in the house, bored with our morning cartoon, and not giving each other our best.  I quickly decided on an attitude change, turned off the TV, and printed these turkey coloring pages off Pinterest.  BAM – morning made!  This girl keeps me on my toes, but I am so thankful for the memories we are making together.



Brian got me this beauty for my birthday last month, and this caffeine side kick couldn’t have come at a better time!  We had a Keurig before, but I was getting sick of paying for the pods, and I thought Brian and I would enjoy having the carafe option on the weekends.  This coffee machine gives you the option of full or half carafes, travel-size mug or one cup.  We usually make a half carafe in the morning, and then sometimes I will make another cup throughout the day if I need the extra energy.  I think the coffee tastes much better than the Keurig machine, and I’m loving the different options this comes with!



Yeah, I think you can tell they are sisters 😉  I pray these littles are friends to each other as they grow (even when they bicker and fight, like I know they will).  I continue to be proud of Corinne as she takes on the big sister role – sharing the spotlight isn’t always easy!



I happened upon this eyeshadow stick totally on accident – I was looking for an eyeshadow replacement after my favorite was discontinued, and my mom gave me this from a gift with purchase she received.  I love this stuff!  The color is a light taupe, and it is so easy to put on (essential these days).  I’ll definitely be replenishing when my tiny sample runs out!



Red cups – duh 🙂  I was able to sneak away last weekend for some fresh red nails, my first latte in a red cup, and some solo time at Kroger.  #glamlife  This time definitely ‘filled my cup,’ and renewed my spirit for the new week!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving?!

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