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Happy Friday, everyone!  I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika this week to share some of my favorite happenings and things of the week.



Everyone’s raving about the Netflix revival, and I’m over here, just finished with season 1 🙂  Sometimes, when the planets align, I find myself with two cuties napping at the same time, not overwhelmed with the wreck that is my household, and I just stop and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls.  I’m trying to allow myself peace and rest in the moments I can, even when I can always find something else to do.


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I bought these two essential oils from Young Living, and have been diffusing them daily since.  The two blended together are like Christmas in a bottle!  Orange is also great for natural cleaning methods, so I’ll be trying that one out in different ways soon.



…and if I’m not diffusing oils, I’ve pretty much got this favorite on repeat.  This is my favorite Christmas scent, year after year!



Oh, the elf.  I absolutely have a love/hate relationship with this little gal.  I have been crying with laughter over some of the things Corinne has said about her (first day: “mom, I’m afraid of her powers”), and also so frustrated that I want to throw her out the window and act like it never happened (Peppermint was found riding Corinne’s play horse this week.  Corinne melted down approx. 50 times throughout the day because she wanted her horse back.  Lesson learned: we need to work on sharing.)  We are keeping Peppermint’s antics super low key, and she does seem to help Corinne remember to be on her best behavior.  Sometimes.  #eyeroll



I’ve snuck out a little over the past few weeks for dinner out with my girlfriends, and then a date night with Brian.  I love my girls and my yoga pants, but I also love getting out and being with ‘big kids.’  Ha!  A comfy Lularoe tee, my favorite cardigan and my favorite fringe scarf definitely deserved a photo.



The Michael Buble Pandora station is a big fave of mine right now, and when this song comes on?  Love, love, love.  I’ve got both Pandora and Spotify stations going on right now that feature Christmas songs, so safe to say we’ve got that favorite covered.

Happy weekend, friends!


  • Mackensey

    December 2, 2016

    Girl I totally feel you. Netflix binges are few and far between with two little ones. The Christmas spirit oil smells SO good-it’s my favorite, and twisted peppermint is one of the best BBW candles 🙂 I also love Fresh Balsam-it smells exactly like a Christmas tree! Great minds think alike!


      December 4, 2016

      Thanks for reading my post! Merry Christmas! 🙂


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