Friday Favorites
friday favorites

Happy Friday, everyone!  I can’t believe how fast December is flying, and how close we are to Christmas.  I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika this week to share some of my favorites of the week.


love Christmas ornaments, and I’m always adding to our collection when something special happens to our family.  I fell in love with these ornaments from Mooseberry Paper Co., and I knew this one was perfect for our little fall baby!


We took our annual trip to Jolly Days at the Children’s Museum last weekend.  We always have fun, and they have a great Santa set up!

Corinne was wavering in unsure territory when we were waiting in line, but she braved up and had so much fun talking to Santa!  She asked for a ‘flying pink unicorn’ and told Santa that her daddy has a beard, too 😉

We also finally checked out the Doc McStuffins exhibit – Corinne was in love!  Indy mamas, if you haven’t done this, you must before it goes away in January.  We will definitely go back soon – Corinne would have given those various animals check ups all day if we had let her!


Little Sabrina has become so much more expressive in the past week or so.  I definitely feel some mom guilt when I’ve got both girls home – I know that Corinne got more 1-on-1 time with me at this age.  I’m thankful for the solo time we get when Corinne goes to our babysitter – this sweetie gets the chance to talk to mom all by herself!


Last day of dance class for the month required a picture!  How cute and sassy is she?!  I feel like she instantly became a ‘big kid’ the moment Sabrina was born.



I’m definitely in new territory having a winter baby this time, and it became so cold literally overnight!  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime, this cozy set up was at our door the next day.  This car seat cover is so easy to use, and keeps her warm and snuggly when we are out and about.  I definitely recommend this!


With the cold temps, we’ve gotten creative this week to stay entertained and sane.  We brought a little snow inside on the day it came and made a snow village.  We built a fort, where Corinne proceeded to watch cartoons, eat lunch and play a few rounds of Candy Land.  We’ve snuggled in and it has been great!  But, if it could turn into spring as soon as New Years’ is over, that would be great – who else is with me?!

We’ve got a fun weekend ahead of us, as we celebrate our first Christmas celebration of the season.  Corinne is so excited to party with her cousins!  I hope you all have a great weekend!

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