Friday Favorites
friday favorites


I’m linking up with Andrea this week to share my Friday Favorites!  I really can’t believe Christmas is one week away…I’ve still got so much to do!  More than ever I need to remind myself to slow down and just enjoy the moment.



Holcomb Christmas is tomorrow, and we are getting excited!  We’ve added another baby to the bunch this year with baby Benjamin, and it is so crazy and entertaining to see the family growing like it has.  6 kiddos in 5 years – whew!  They are at the perfect age to make Christmas really, really special 🙂



My friend Jessica makes these little pretzel Hershey kiss bites every year for Christmas, and I LOVE them.  Turns out, they are also super easy.  I made them for a get together last weekend, and they were gone by the end of the party (thankfully).

pretzel hershey kiss bites: Preheat oven to 275 degrees.  Lay pretzel rounds or twists out on a baking sheet.  Place a Hershey Kiss or Hug on top.  Melt in oven for 3-4 minutes (they will look wet when done…don’t over bake!).  Pull out of oven and smush (very technical word there) a M&M into the center of each one.  Let cool/set.  So easy!



Corinne brought home the sweetest Christmas craft today from Bonnie’s!  That girl has been keeping all of us on our toes lately, but then she goes and pulls off something like this 😉


IMG_1999One of my favorite quotes, then and now.  I’m so thankful for a little extra time at home coming up soon.  The countdown is on!



Yes, I posted about this last week when I was talking about my Christmas wishlist, and yes, I went and bought it for myself.  #treatyoself  This lip treatment feels like a lip balm, but looks like a lipstick.  It is the perfect shade for holiday parties!



I had a Christmas party with this great group of people last night.  I could try to explain what we are to each other, but that is pretty hard to sum up in words.  All I know is I’m a better person for knowing them, and I’m so thankful for what I have learned and gained from them in the past year.  Amazing people right there!

Happy weekend everyone!

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