Friday Favorites
friday favorites


Today I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for my first Friday Favorites post of 2016!  Getting back in the swing of real life hasn’t been the easiest this week, and I am sure happy to see the weekend here.  I haven’t done a ‘favorites’ post in a few weeks, and I’ve definitely got a few things I’m excited to tell you about today, so let’s get to it!



I started watching Jane the Virgin around Christmas, and!  Cheesy, yes, but this show is funny, dramatic, romantic…so good!  Rafael, one of the main characters, isn’t too bad to look at either 😉  I’m trying to catch up before the show comes back on at the end of the month.



Corinne came down with some high fevers and chills the week of Christmas that had Brian and I really worried.  Turns out it was just a bad case of 2-year molars, but our poor girl looked just down right puny!  We had bought this forehead thermometer about a month before on a whim, and man, I am so glad we did.  It made our lives so much easier, and far more comfortable for Corinne.  Why didn’t I buy this years ago?!



I started the 21 Day Fix again this week, and it has definitely been kicking me back into gear!  The first few days were a little rough as I reigned in my diet from the free-for-all that was November and December, but I do feel better already.  My go to snack that I am loving this week?  Greek yogurt, granola, and blackberries – so good!  21 Day Fixers, I count this as 1 red, 1 yellow and 1/2 purple.



I got this super soft V-neck tunic as a Christmas gift (in the burgundy color…looks like it is sold out), and it lives up to its name for sure!  It is so amazingly soft and comfy, I am calling it my “blanket shirt.”  I’m over here wishing I could get away with wearing it 7 days/week!



I’ve been missing this sweet thing this week for sure, as we’ve gotten back in the groove of our regular schedule.  I didn’t really post a whole lot about our holidays and our little break, but it was wonderfully simple and relaxed.  We crafted, played, watched movies, had play dates with friends….and had the best time together!  I’m very thankful for a regular schedule, but when we have a little down time like this?  Bliss!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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