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Yep, that’s right…happy Friday, people! Today I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for my Friday Favorites.



We started swim lessons at Indy Island last weekend, and Corinne had a great time!  She has the same teacher this year, who immediately said she saw a lot more confidence in her compared to last year.  Score!  Bonus points?  Brian will be able to join us most Saturdays this year, which makes it way more fun.  Cheers to more Saturday mornings spent as a family!



Not sure if you noticed, but it was darn cold this week.  These slipper socks are being worn around the clock whenever I’m home, and I love them!



Corinne has been running a full scale bakery in her bedroom all week, and it has been hilarious.  Every night we are baking birthday cakes, adding sprinkles – ya know, the works!  I love her little imagination.



Downton Abbey is back for its last season…I’ll be so sad when it’s over!



All my girlfriends have been raving about Kroger’s Click List, and I finally tried it out last weekend.  Overall, I loved it!  pros: Less time spent buying groceries.  No need to bribe teach my child to behave herself in the store.  More organization – added items to my online cart as I made my menu for the week.  Less money spent – no spontaneously buying extras that sound good when I see them in the store!  cons: A few of my weekly staples were not available, so I still had to make a pit stop at another store over the weekend.  When I arrived to receive my groceries, a few of my items were unavailable, so they couldn’t fill them.  I ended up managing without, but had I really needed them to complete a recipe or meal, I would have needed to make another store pit stop.

Overall, I will definitely do this again.  Such a time and energy saver!

Have a great weekend, friends…don’t let this January weather bring you down!  XO


  • Thank you for sharing those slipper socks!! I’ve been looking for a cute pair since my normal fizzy socks, though warm, aren’t very good on hardwood and those look so perfect! Have a great weekend!


      January 16, 2016

      You are welcome, Morgan! Have a great weekend!


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