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friday favorites: birthday edition

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So, with all the excitement of Easter and our little vacation, I missed posting our fun from Corinne’s actual birthday!  I’ve said it before, but I am very excited that 2017 gives us some distance between Easter and Corinne’s birthday.  This poor girl was so confused!  We had her birthday party on the Saturday before Easter, to help with family gatherings.  We celebrated Easter Sunday big time with Brian’s family, and then Corinne’s actual birthday was the Monday following Easter Sunday.  Imagine this sweet girl’s confusion when I woke her up from a sugar-induced sleep that Monday morning…“Hey Corinne, happy birthday!  I made you cupcakes to take to Bonnie’s house today!”  She was all, “Mom, I just want to sleep.”  Yep, me too, sweet girl.

So, here was some of Corinne’s low-key, but fun birthday celebration!


IMG_2843 12920407_1129905710393159_4771841291487399976_n

Celebrating with her friends at Bonnie’s house!  I made her some pink cupcakes with leftover Valentine’s sprinkles – perfect for a girly birthday.  I love how sweet Bonnie is about birthdays.  Corinne felt really special, and loved her Palace Pet from Bonnie!


IMG_2905 IMG_2906

We met our friends, the Patterson’s, for a birthday dinner at Fujiyama’s (Japanese hibachi grill).  Nothing gets this girl giggling like hibachi!  Parker and Corinne had fun eating with their “grabbers” and eating her birthday “cake” made of ice cream and big dollops of whipped cream.  3 year old heaven right there.  It turned into a later night, so we decided to save her birthday presents for the next day (could this birthday drag on any further??  Ha!)




Finally opening her birthday presents!  We kept things small this year, and got her a few toys we thought she would have fun with.  The tool set came from here, and was a huge hit (thanks for the tip, Danielle!).

And thus, the celebrating finally wound down 😉  The past few weeks have been jam-packed, and April isn’t looking much lighter.  I can’t complain, though…this season of life is full, but full of the best things I could ask for.  I hope you have a great weekend!

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