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halloween 2015

Our Halloween weekend was the perfect mix of laid-back and fun-filled – just how I like it.  It was Corinne’s first time trick-or-treating, and saying she loved it would be an understatement!

Saturday morning started out super laid-back – have you guys heard of Room on a Broom?  It’s a Halloween children’s book that Corinne’s teacher, Bonnie, introduced me to last year.  They created a little movie for the book, and Corinne LOVES it.  Like, we watched it 5 times yesterday, loves it.  Corinne kicked off her weekend “witch style” while mama caught up on tidying the house and laundry.


Parents of young kiddos, here is a trailer for the movie if you haven’t seen it.  Even though Halloween is over, I guarantee your kids will love it!  It is on NetFlix.


Halloween and weekend errands were on the to-do list, so we ventured out to Target and CFA around lunchtime.  I love these easy mornings with my favorite girl!



Evening brought Halloween time!  Our little witch had no idea the fun she was about to get in to.  We took some quick photos at home before heading over to our friends, the Patterson’s, house.


These two crack me up.  Parker is about a year older than Corinne, and they had a blast together.  After every house, they would yell, “NEXT HOUSE!” and start running.  Naturals, these two.


I love this mama right here.  We met when we were 16-17 years old, and bonded immediately over Harry Potter and shopping.  Since then, our friendship has seen us through college, marriage, jobs and now babies.  I am always thankful for her fun, and how she shares a lot of my same perspectives on life.


The weather held out beautifully Saturday evening, we had great company, and it really just turned out to be a great time!

Today was normal Sunday happenings…relaxing, grocery shopping and getting ready for the week ahead.  But, when November 1 delivers an “extra” hour in your day, sunshine and beautiful temps – a family takes advantage!


We headed to Southeastway Park to soak up the fresh air.  There were TONS of families getting fall/holiday pictures taken…and Brian was thanking the good Lord above that we weren’t one of them 😉

Stay tuned later this week – I’ll be starting my Wednesday “What I Love” series.  Meanwhile, stock up on your coffee, friends – you know we’ll be paying for that “extra” hour we got this week!

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