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Corinne is such a lover of all things holiday – it has been so much fun to see the joy that celebrating (and a good party!) can bring her.  I was worried we wouldn’t be able to have as much fun this year, with Sabrina coming so close to the holiday – but we’ve had a lot of fun over the past week or so!


This was a few weeks ago when I dragged out our Halloween storage box…she took one look at her witch hat from last year, and wanted to wear it again this year!  It took a lot of convincing to switch her to her new costume 🙂



Carving our pumpkin, “Spookly”

img_4071 img_4072

We had to catch the photo op of coordinating holiday jammies, of course!

img_4078 img_4080

Our plan is to split Corinne’s time between home with me, and going to Bonnie’s some days.  I want her to stay connected and stay on some sort of a schedule!  She was very excited to go to her Halloween party on Monday.


Trick or treating time!  Our little black cat getting her whiskers from Daddy.

img_4082 img_4099

Corinne was a self-proclaimed “fierce” black cat, so she had to show off her claws 😉

img_4093 img_4094

This girl has nothing but pure joy for holidays!  After each one, I tell Brian I think this might be her favorite one, but she loves all of them!


Brian took Corinne out to our friends’ neighborhood while I stayed home and passed out candy with Sabrina.  I was sad to miss our little cat in action, but she was so excited to come home and show me her full bucket!  Yesterday was my first day home solo with both girls…who’s bright idea was to plan that the day after Halloween?!  #wesurvived

P.S. My little blog turned a year old last week!  It was fun to look back at some of my first posts, and remember those first memories that pushed me to start this little project.  One of my favorite posts was Halloween from last year.  Such a fun weekend!  (Can all Halloween evenings be on a Saturday, please?!)  Thank you to you guys who have followed along over the last year…I’m so glad I started this, to remember these sweet moments of our family’s day to day 🙂

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