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It has been quite the change being home every day since Sabrina was born in October.  This season is not forever, so I’ve definitely been doing all I can to soak in these moments of sweatpants and snuggles.  Truth: I am such a homebody, and I love taking care of our home and our girls every day.  But, I’ve had moments – elbow-deep in dirty diapers and tissues, wondering when was the last time I took a proper shower – that I didn’t feel my best.  I definitely have a few tried & true secrets (that are not so secret) methods to make me a happier mama.

Moms, are you feeling grumpy and frumpy this Monday morning?  Try these tricks and put a smile on that face!

freshen up


I’ve been taking showers at night since Corinne was a baby, because it just make life easier.  With two girls at home, I have found myself many times at noon, still wearing my clothes from the night before, hair all over the place…you get the picture.  To feel my best, I make myself walk away for 10 minutes to change my clothes (of course, most of the time just to another pair of yoga pants, ha!), brush my teeth and hair, and on even better days, put on my minimal ‘mom makeup’ – powder/mascara/blush.  It takes hardly any time, but makes the biggest difference in my mindset.

get some fresh air


We were in pure survival mode for a little while after baby girl #2 was born, so leaving the house wasn’t happening much.  But, the whole family gets along much better when we have a tiny change of scenery each day.  Sometimes, a walk to the mailbox or around the block feels like all we can manage.  These days, trips to Target or the library are weekly to-do’s on our list.  Getting out and about gives both Corinne and I a better attitude, for sure.

treat yo’ self

Try to find little pockets of time throughout the day to do something little for yourself – eat a decent meal, squeeze in a workout, or watch an episode of something you like to watch.  I mentioned in my Friday Favorites that I’ve been loving Gilmore Girls lately!  I never watched it back in the day, and the early 2000’s throwbacks are great 🙂

embrace the chaos


Last week, Corinne asked me to play hide & seek.  My gut reaction at first was that I didn’t want to – I was probably in the middle of a load of laundry, or washing dishes, or something like that.  But I stopped and played with a giggling 3-year-old right then and there, and we were both laughing so hard.  It is easy for me to find other things to occupy my time throughout the day (I am so Type A!), but I try to remind myself that my girls are the reason I’m home right now.  Let the chaos of toys and dishes be what it is.

and finally…


…coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.  Zombie mom becomes fun mom once that first cup of coffee has been consumed 🙂

It’s important for me to say – I don’t nail these things daily.  I’m far from picture perfect.   But these are the triggers that I know can make a big difference in my day.  What makes you feel like a rock star?

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