Holcomb Christmas 2016

This weekend we celebrated Christmas with Brian’s immediate family – we look forward to this weekend every year!  Lots of food, presents, laughs and Christmas excitement – it so reminds me of our Christmas celebrations with my cousins when I was young.  Brian’s family lives in Lafayette, so of course the unexpected ice and bad weather had us concerned.  But, we waited until it was safe out, packed a bag just in case w needed to spend the night (we did), and braved the weather.  I’m so glad we did, because we would never want to miss the fun!

Quick family photo before the craziness starts!

Caroline loves baby Sabrina – I think she would hold her all night if we let her 🙂

All the cousins with Grandma and Grandpa

It’s amazing how much time and energy all the planning, shopping and wrapping takes, and then the presents are all opened in a matter of minutes.  But these smiles?  Worth it!

Brian’s mom likes to get the kiddos matching jammies…I love this tradition!

Oldest cousin Elizabeth with youngest cousin Sabrina…how sweet is that 🙂

Such a fun evening!  I know years from now we will look back and wish for the craziness of this time.  I’m excited for the holiday week to come, and all of the memories we will make!

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