january goals

I always love the start of the new year – although January 1 is just another day, it always seems like the beginning of something fresh, new and good.  This year, I’m changing things up a bit, and setting monthly goals, rather than big blanket goals to achieve over the course of an entire year.  A year is a long time to get a little lost in your goals, am I right?

This month will be big for me and my family – next Monday I head back to work after 12 weeks at home with my family.  I plan to inhale all the baby smells this week that I can, and then start the steps on finding our new normal.  Here are my January goals to help us do just that!

focus – Being a working mom can be very tough, so I know it is crucial to spend my time wisely.  My goal is keep our schedule light, so I can focus on what is most important right now – my family, my health and my work.  If you take a look at my calendar, I’ve pretty much got ‘baby snuggles’ penned in wherever I see white space.  On the health side – I started my favorite 21 Day Fix program yesterday, and I’m feeling armed for a successful month.  I am so thankful for a program that takes the guess work out of success, and family/friends who cheer me on to keep me going!

grace – This is not my first rodeo, and I know some (many) of my best laid plans will not happen like I want them to.  Even though I know just to breathe and move on to Plan B, this will forever be the hardest road for my perfectionist heart to navigate.  This month, I want to give grace whenever it is needed – especially to myself when Plan B inevitably happens.  I’m reading Grace, Not Perfection right now, and I pretty much feel like this book was made for me!  I encourage you to pick it up if you can relate.

fun – Corinne has been so good about the transition with Sabrina.  I’m so proud of her and how she loves her sister!  Is she sassy and full of 3-year-old attitude?  Of course!  But I’m pretty sure that would exist with or without the addition of a little sister.  I want to plan a day sometime this month where Brian and I take Corinne out, by herself, for a date.  I know she will just love the 1-on-1 attention, and someone in our family will really love the baby snuggles that come with hanging with Sabrina!

What do you want the first month of 2017 to look like?

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