lessons learned from a big ol’ box of strawberries

I’m a big believer that you can learn so much in sometimes the simplest things…a quick, spontaneous lunch with a dear friend.  A sappy Garth Brooks song on your commute home (just me?).  And this weekend?  I learned some lessons about myself, my daughter, and life in general, all thanks to a quick trip to the strawberry patch.


everything can be an adventure

It was a simple Saturday morning for me and Corinne…Brian was working, so we ate breakfast together, and headed to Target.  On our drive home, I remembered that I had wanted to stop by our local strawberry patch for some strawberries.  Of course Corinne was up to it!  We didn’t pick them ourselves because it was so hot, but we had so much fun on our quick trip.  I showed her the strawberry plants.  She spotted the little playground at the church next store, so we took a little stroll over there.  We picked out a big box of strawberries, and she immediately dove in and ate the biggest one.  Red face, huge grin, and a lifted spirit…this girl had so much fun on this tiny little trip.  Our morning together reminded me to seek out new things to share with her, and to enjoy these tiny moments that she loves to share with me.  Before I know it, strawberry patch mornings with mom will sound like the least fun thing ever, so I’ll cherish the now while I’ve still got it.


seek quality

Those tiny, juicy berries were so much better than those weird berries at Meijer they are calling strawberries.  No comparison.  I wish we had a thriving farmer’s market closer to home, but our trip reminded me to eat well.  Invest in quality food, and you will enjoy eating healthier more than you ever thought you could.  Local produce shopping is officially on my goal list for this summer!  And bigger picture, take the time to seek quality in all you surround yourself with.  People, hobbies, thoughts…are you surrounding yourself with the best?  Because anything less is a waste of your money, your time, and your self.


learn new things

That moment of truth came when we got home, ate lunch (strawberries on the menu, of course) and Corinne laid down for a nap.  “What do I do with all these things?”  I rinsed them, dried them and ultimately decided to try my hand at something that I’d never done and had always seemed hard – homemade jam.  Later that night I was boiling strawberries and sugar, sterilizing mason jars and listening for that glorious pop! to tell me my jars had sealed properly.  I was super proud of myself!  I realized when I was done that I don’t do that often enough – try new things.  I allow myself to feel too busy to learn more about myself, and I hope I’ll give myself the space and freedom in the future to try more and learn more.  Next on my bucket list?  Sewing.  Yeah, I know I won’t be able to conquer that in one evening  like strawberry jam 😉


homemade jam = yum

Our Sunday eggs + toast never tasted better!  If you are looking for a recipe to follow, I used this one.

Here’s to great produce, and even greater lessons…I’m so glad Corinne and I took a detour this weekend!

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