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It’s been just at about 2 weeks since we brought Sabrina home from the hospital, and she has nestled into our family life just beautifully!  She is such a calm, sweet baby – we are very lucky.  Everyone is adjusting to little sister very well (with some moments, of course!), and I am loving the chance to hunker down with my family for the remainder of 2016.  Here is a little glimpse into what ‘home life’ has been looking like lately!


We got home from the hospital in the early afternoon, and we all tried to rest as much as possible before big sister came home from the babysitter’s.


Corinne decided she wanted to hold baby Sabrina for the first time!  Look at my sweet brunette girls 🙂


Showing baby girl her room and toys!


sweet baby snuggles

img_4037 img_4051

I like to call Sabrina ‘smiley’ – look at those sweet smiles she’s been giving us since she was just a day or two old!


Meeting Ruby…Ruby says, “really, guys?  One wasn’t enough?!”




Me and my girls!  We need to work on fitting 3 people in our selfie 😉


laundry, snuggles and movies…ya know, the glam life!

Nothing exciting here, but these pictures sure do warm my heart.  We have been so blessed!  And now I’m off to feed a baby girl 😉

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