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It’s been a little quiet around here over the past week…mostly because we’ve just been living and enjoying life, and I haven’t stopped to update and write!  I am to that point where I am so done with winter and cold…I can’t wait for some fresh air and fresh activities for our family.  So, here’s what we’ve been up to lately!


We had some milder temps last weekend (boy, is that a distant memory now), so we threw on our jackets and chased Ruby around the backyard for a bit!

IMG_2656 IMG_2653

Making valentine’s for our friends…we got to the end of our applesauce box and Corinne proclaimed, “Oh no!  We forgot Miss Beth!” (one of Bonnie’s helpers).  It was the sweetest thing.  Our valentine concept came from here, and Corinne was so proud of them.  It was fun to get her involved this year!

IMG_2672 IMG_2676

Corinne’s Valentine’s party was on Friday, and she was so excited!  We picked out a festive tee and bows, and she was ready to go.  So sweet that one of her little friends had on the same shirt!


Friday night I met up with some of my dearest girlfriends for a long overdue girls night.  It was great to have an evening out, and catch up!


The rest of our weekend was pretty uneventful…swim class, running errands, lots of toy playing and Play-Doh building, and snuggles with my favorite valentine’s.  We made one of our favorite dinners instead of a dinner out, and that was just fine with me!

As you can see, really ground-breaking news around here 😉  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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