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March has always been a pretty special month in our little family.  From puppies, to Easter, to the birth of our sweet girl, here is a little glimpse into why this month holds such a special place in our hearts!


In March 2010, we closed on our first home together.  We didn’t move in right away, but that spring was full of painting, furniture buying, and anticipating our wedding 6 months later.

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One year later in 2011, we brought home a squirmy, fuzzy puppy named Ruby Jo.  Our world has never been the same since!  This girl has stolen our hearts (and socks) since the moment she stepped foot in our home.


On Easter Sunday in 2013, we brought this pink bundle of joy home with us.  We look so tired, ha!  After 5 nights in the hospital, we were SO ready to be home and start our adventure with a new baby.


We literally blinked, and we were in March 2014 celebrating Corinne’s first birthday!


I’m cheating here a little (Easter was in April that year), but I can’t resist throwing in some Easter memories.  I had a blast filling her first Easter basket, and seeing her out in the sun in her sweet dress!


We had a Sofia the First themed 2nd birthday party last year!  This girl was such a ham – she loves everyone celebrating her 😉

Easter last year was full of fun, as all the cousins were a little older and really got into the Easter egg hunt!

The next few weekends are sure to be full of memories, as we celebrate another birthday and Easter with our wonderful families.  I can’t wait!

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