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newborn favorites

It has been so fun bringing out our items from Corinne’s baby days, and preparing for our new baby girl (see our full prep mode here!).  Last time with a baby, I really kept our gear and “stuff” as minimal as possible.  Here are some of my favorite items for those first few months of baby’s life!

newborn favorites

Forget frilly dresses and complicated outfits…those first days/weeks are all about comfort and ease.  I love these classic jammies, and bonus points if they zip instead of snap!

When I think back, I remember so many hours spent on our couch at first…feeding and snuggling my new BFF.  I love these soft cotton blankets, and how cute is this pattern/little saying?!

This rocker was definitely my #1 item for months and months with Corinne.  No fuss, moveable, and a great shape to make her feel comfortable and cocooned.  We used this during the day for naps, and then we would move it into the bedroom for nighttime.  I can’t recommend this enough!

We didn’t realize it right away with Corinne, but Target brand diapers are where it’s at (I also love their wipes).  The cost is so much better than name brands, and we never had major issues with leakage or blow outs.

The Boppy pillow pretty much went hand in hand with those snuggly blanket/couch days in the beginning.  I had a C-section with Corinne (and will again this time), and this pillow really helped me cuddle her comfortably from the very beginning.  It later became a sitting assistant/baby recliner as Corinne grew a bit older!

It’s so nice to have a little experience behind us, and to already have our favorite items already in our closet.  Bring on those snuggly, crazy and sleep-deprived first days!

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