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no. 2

We were so thrilled to find out we are expecting baby no. 2 this October!  I have noticed over the past year that Corinne has really started to understand that some families have more than one child.  Many kiddos at Bonnie’s house have siblings that go to the daycare.  Her cousins all have brothers or sisters.  Even on the beach last week, I could see Corinne getting a little melancholy when she saw bigger families and siblings playing in the sand together.  It was the sweetest, and sometimes the most heartbreaking, thing to see.


It definitely took us a lot longer than we hoped to welcome another baby…while it was disappointing and tough, I know that our journey was much smoother than so many others, so I won’t complain a bit.  We are blessed.  And when that cold February day came along, and we realized that our dream was happening, we were all doing celebratory back flips (kidding on that back flips thing).  We told Corinne the news after our first appointment with the doctor, and she was adorable.  I don’t think she quite gets the whole thing (obviously), but she loves the idea of a sister (it’s never a brother to her – uh oh!).  We will see what happens this fall when she isn’t getting all the attention anymore!


This 2nd pregnancy has been pretty smooth so far.  For the first 10-12 weeks I had some nausea in the morning, but nothing compared to my pregnancy with Corinne.  I could not sleep enough during that first trimester – it was early bedtimes and snooze alarms for weeks.  After about that 12 week mark, the fog lifted a bit, and I’ve really resumed life as normal.  One thing that happened with my first pregnancy that is on definite repeat this time?  My aversion to that beautiful cup of coffee.  It is the saddest thing.  I also could not stomach my daily Shakeology ritual, but I’ve finally been able to start that back up this week (18 weeks).  Yay!  Overall, again, I know I can’t complain.


We find out this month if baby is a boy or girl, and I can’t wait!  I feel like there is so much to do to be ready, and I definitely feel anxious as I imagine how our family is going to adjust and change when the new baby arrives.  But, this is the greatest gift we could have been given, and we are thrilled to see how our life changes in 2016.  Thank you to everyone that sent us well wishes on Facebook or Instagram…I felt the love from so many of you, and appreciate it so much!


A note about our family photos: we had a blast reminiscing and dancing around Ball State’s campus in early May (graduation day, no less!) with our photographer friend, Ashley Ernstberger.  I detailed Ashley’s history with our family photos here!  I put together the “big sister” sign for Corinne so she could show off her news, and I’m so happy with how they all turned out.  Thank you, Ashley!

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