our thanksgiving weekend

Our Thanksgiving weekend was everything I wanted it to be – full of family, down time and kicking off the Christmas season.  Corinne is SO into the Christmas tree – let’s see if we can make it to Dec. 25 without any ornament casualties!


We spent Thanksgiving in Lafayette this year with Brian’s side of the family.  The food was fabulous, and the company was even better.  Corinne had a great time with all her cousins.  Since Thursday she’s gone around pleading for “Grandma’s biscuits”…yep, we ate good that day.

On Friday, my mom and I spent part of the day at Circle Centre mall, our yearly tradition.  We made a dent in our holiday shopping, shared chicken lettuce wraps, and really enjoyed each other’s company.


We kicked off Christmas on Saturday!  Corinne was literally dancing with excitement as we hung stockings and put ornaments on the tree.  We started a new tradition this year where we gave her a wrapped ornament as we decorated the tree.


I got this sweet little ornament at Heather Rogers Designs to commemorate Corinne’s first year of dance class.  I know we will look back on this year and laugh at her crazy antics during class!

There is nothing prettier than the lights twinkling on the Christmas tree.  I love to collect ornaments that represent our memories – trips, babies, dogs.  Our tree is a little piece of our history.


Our weekend included tons of baby dolls and house play.  Poor Ruby…the only way to get any attention is to plant herself right in the middle of this mess!


This morning we took Corinne to see the Good Dinosaur in theatres.  The movie was really good with beautiful scenery (almost looked too real for animation!), but it was probably a little too mature for Corinne’s age.  There were some heavy scenes, and a few scenes where she covered her eyes.  But give that girl a huge bag of popcorn?  She still had a great time 🙂

Tonight we ended the weekend with dinner out with close friends at HopCat, a restaurant we all love.  This weekend definitely refilled my tank, and the time with my little family was priceless.  December, I am ready for you, and all that you bring!

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