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papa’s scratch pancakes

We’re kicking off the month of love (Hello, February!) with a super simple, nostalgic breakfast from my past – my grandpa’s scratch pancakes.  My dad and aunts grew up eating these pancakes.  My grandpa cooked these for my brother and I when we were growing up.  And when we want a lazy weekend breakfast around the Holcomb home?  Yep – papa’s pancakes.  The recipe is simple and low maintenance, but delicious.  I make one simple tweak to the recipe, and we all love these!


My family made this cookbook when I was a child, and I inherited a copy along the way.  It is such a treasure to me!  Not only are there special family recipes in it, but little story collections from different generations of our family.  I’ve got post-it’s marking some of my favorite recipes, and although I definitely have a note on this page, I’ve now got the recipe memorized, it’s so simple!

I halve the recipe shown above for our little family of 3, and the amount is perfect.

papa’s scratch pancakes (halved recipe)

1 C. flour

1 T. baking powder

1 egg

1 C. milk

1 pinch salt

Tara’s little tweak: 1 splash of vanilla extract


I bought this sweet little heart pancake/egg mold to add a festive touch to our breakfast, and they turned out so cute.  Corinne was dancing around the kitchen and super excited for her “heart cancakes!”


My favorite way to serve them recently – a little butter and syrup (of course), and blackberries on the side.  I love the tart, fresh bite of the berries along with the pancakes!


Bedhead toddler approved.

If you try out our recipe, I would love to hear from you!  XO

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