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pregnancy favorites

I am about half way through my second pregnancy now, and for the most part, this time has been flying by!  While I was pregnant with Corinne, I found myself reading books, articles, and blogs about pregnancy and life with a newborn all the time.  We attended a few classes, and I would chat with moms who had already been through the newborn stage.  I felt like there was so much I didn’t know!

This time around, it feels eerily easy and simple.  I keep thinking, “shouldn’t I be doing something?”  There is a calmness that comes with your 2nd pregnancy, and knowing that you’ve done this before.  I know every baby is different, and having 2 kids is much different than bringing home your first newborn, but I also have an idea of what I’m getting in to.  Plus, I’ve got a toddler, husband, work and life to keep up with, so I guess that is enough to keep my mind busy 🙂

As I hit the halfway point of my pregnancy, here are a few items that are keeping me comfortable this time around!

pregnancy favorites

These over-the-belly yoga crops are life these days…if it were socially acceptable to wear them 7 days/week, you know I would.  These prenatal vitamins are keeping me and the babe safe and healthy.  Tip: I take them at night to avoid gagging!  I use this lotion after showering to keep my growing skin from itching, and to hopefully keep those darn stretch marks at bay.  Just like my last pregnancy, I cannot get enough water during the day (a good habit!).  I love these Bubba cups because they hold a lot of water, keep it cold longer, and have a big straw for easy sipping.  And because you can never be careful enough, I’ve been mixing this belly oil with my lotion, just to keep my skin extra soft.  I’ve been loving my essential oil diffuser lately…my usual favorite candles just seem too strong to my overactive nose.  I’ve got this yummy blend on repeat, and I just ordered Grapefruit to add to the mix (yummm)!  My last pregnancy was during the winter, so it will definitely be a new experience in the summer this year.  I’m hoping to avoid those swollen ankles, but we will see!  These simple tanks have become a staple in my wardrobe, and are sure to keep me cool (as possible) this summer.

Mamas, what were/are some of your pregnancy favorites?  Anyone have advice for surviving the summer months with a big ol’ belly?

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