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preparing for baby

I’ve got so much on my mind as we prepare for baby girl to make her arrival in October.  I waiver daily between feeling like it is so far away, and feeling like October is tomorrow, and we must have everything done right away!  Getting ready for baby #2 has been so different than the first time…many of the motions are the same, but the thought process couldn’t be more different.  I thought I’d share what is on my mental to-do list these days…both for the sake of having a written list for myself, and who knows, some of you may be in the same boat!

create room for baby girl

current status of baby girl’s nursery…lots of work to do!

We live in a fairly small house with 4 bedrooms.  After our bedroom, Corinne’s, and a small office, the 4th bedroom naturally became that dreaded room where you just put stuff.  It was intended to be a guest room, and there was indeed a bed in it, but there was no way any guests could sleep there.  We’ve been in the process of cleaning out this room to be baby girl’s nursery.  This has involved relocating items to other parts of the house, countless trips to Goodwill, selling the bed, and slowly bringing in our baby things.  Whew!  Truth be told, this room should have been cleaned out years ago, so it feels great to have this done.  Slowly but surely, the room is containing only baby furniture and items, and it’s so exciting to see a 2nd nursery taking shape!

assess all our baby items

Corinne's nursery
Corinne’s nursery

It feels great to know we have all our gear and clothes from Corinne to use for baby girl #2.  As we’ve cleaned out the nursery, I’ve been able to open boxes from the attic and assess what we’ve got and what we need.  I feel very lucky that we don’t need very much at all, especially since we are having another girl.  I think we will definitely still need some clothes since the girls will be born in opposite seasons, but many things will also overlap just fine.  Another post coming soon on my favorite newborn/baby items, and the few things we have on our wish list!

prepare my mind

my favorite baby books years ago…maybe I’ll get around to cracking them open sometime?!

It has felt odd that I’ve done far less studying with this pregnancy.  With my first pregnancy, I wanted to know everything that was happening week-by-week with my growing baby, and what we should know when she arrived.  These days, I just kind of go with the flow and trust what I know from the first time.  I did find my journal from pregnancy #1, and it was fun to compare the weeks on the baby’s weight, my weight (ok, that part wasn’t so fun), and what I was feeling last time.  We do have a lot still to figure out – life with two, managing Corinne’s emotions as her life changes, managing Corinne’s schedule when I’m on maternity leave – but for the most part, I am just excited.  Excited to grow our family, and spend my maternity leave hyper-focused on our family.

quality time

special times with my first baby!

I’ll always remember that moment when we learned we were pregnant again.  First, was the overwhelming joy of what we had wanted for so long coming true.  Second, came a tiny stab of sadness as I knew Corinne’s world was changing forever.  I’m so excited to watch her become a big sister, but I’m also trying desperately to enjoy our now, because my time with her will soon change.  Likewise, I know date nights and quality solo time with Brian will get tougher as we navigate life with a 3-year-old and newborn.  My goal for the summer is to manage our to-do list, but also have some fun as a family of three, and as a couple!

If any experienced mamas of 2 or more have any tips or ideas for navigating these fun and changing times, I’d love to hear them.  I know October will be here before we know it!


  • Dana McConnell

    July 11, 2016

    as you are already noticing, your second pregnancy is quite different from the first, you sorta pay less attention, are more relaxed etc. because your confidence and knowledge level is so different (and you just don’t have the time that you had before!) This spills over to after delivery as well. I found that I was really able to enjoy Josie as an infant way more than I did with Tyler. Soaking up the moments and just really concentrating on her cuteness and the relationship forming between her and brother. We also used Babywise to help guide us and I remember all of my notes and documenting every feeding, every diaper change, every detail basically. Second baby, no notes!! A lot more instinct and therefore a little more freedom 🙂

    The biggest joy has been witnessing the relationship between siblings. It adds a whole new level of fun and gives baby someone else to focus on other than you, which again, is quite freeing! I was incredibly nervous about “sharing” my love for Tyler with another child, and amazingly, your heart just expands and you somehow get to love them both just as fiercely as you did the one. I’m excited for you, enjoy all the changes. Newborns are never just “easy” but I think you may find the second time around does feel easier than the first!!


      July 12, 2016

      Thanks, Dana! I’m so excited to experience everything that comes with #2. Your kiddos are so cute!!


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