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sabrina – 1 month

Our sweet Sabrina girl turned one month old last week!  I feel like the past month has absolutely flown by, yet I feel like she has been part of our family for much longer.  Our baby girl has snuggled right into our family and hearts, and while chaotic at times, things just feel ‘right’ now.

I kept a monthly journal when Corinne was a baby, which has really come in handy as we care for Sabrina.  3.5 years is a long time since baby #1, and I had forgotten what each month feels like!  I have loved reading Corinne’s again, and wanted to keep the same records and thoughts this time with Sabrina.


At one month old, you:

  • Weigh 9 pounds and 6 ounces (45 percentile), and are 21.5″ long (58 percentile)
  • Still wear all your newborn clothes, but will be transitioning to 3 month very soon. All your Christmas clothing is 3 months, so it’s time!
  • Wear newborn diapers, but they have become too small. On to size 1!
  • Eat between 2-4 oz. every 3 hours during the day. At night you stretch your feedings to about every 4 hours.  We usually eat around 10 p.m., 2:00 a.m., and then wake up for our next feeding to start the day at 6 a.m.  You are a very consistent, good eater.
  • You are such a sleepy girl! You are usually awake just for a little bit after your feeding, and then you fall asleep again.
  • You are so peaceful and sweet, and my nickname for you is ‘smiley’. Usually I can get some big gummy smiles out of you each day!
  • You still have blue-ish eyes, and we are all wondering if they will stay or turn brown.

In your first month, you:

  • Had two doctor appointments with Dr. Fredriksz
  • Went to visit our Holcomb family in Lafayette
  • Spent lots of time with mommy and Corinne at home
  • Took your first few trips to Target with mom
  • Spent an evening with Papa Jim and JoJo while mom and dad went out for a date

You love:

  • Your rock n’ play for sleeping
  • Eating
  • Watching people talk
  • Getting your hair washed

You have a love/hate relationship with:

  • Your green Soothie pacifier…you like to act disgusted with it, but when you are fussy, it can usually calm you down!

You don’t love:

  • Being cold…diaper and outfit changes during the cold months are brutal!
  • Being cold after bath

Welcome to our family, baby girl!  We are over the moon that you are ours, and can’t wait to watch you grow.

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