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sabrina – 3 months

Sabrina is 3 months old today!  We’ve had a big month as I’ve transitioned back to working full-time, and Sabrina is joining Corinne at Bonnie’s daycare.  Overall, we’ve all handled the transition well.  Life is busy for sure, but it just makes the time we get together that much sweeter, right?  Here’s a little about miss Sabrina in her 3rd month!

Stats: No well visit this month, but I’m guessing you weigh about 12 pounds!

Wearing: 3 month clothes (except for a few 6 month sleepers).  Size 2 diapers.

Eating/Sleeping: You are eating about 5-6 oz. every 3 hours.  You are sleeping through the night – usually your last bottle is around 9 p.m. and you wake up at about 5 or 6 a.m.

Schedule: You are still following the 3-hour schedule of eat/play/sleep, for the most part.  Sometimes you stay awake a bit longer.

Nicknames: Sabrina girl, pretty girl, Sabriners, Brina, Briners, Baby Lou.  Basically, we will be lucky if you ever learn your real name 😉

You have the most dreamy blue eyes!  We laugh all the time at your hair – you have a nice little ‘Bozo the Clown’ look going with a tuft of hair on top and on the sides, and not much else in between.  Ha!  Your hair definitely has some golden tones to it – we are wondering if your hair will be blonde or reddish!  You continue to be such a sweetheart, with a calm demeanor and lots of gurgly coos and smiles!

In your third month, you:

  • Spent your last few weeks at home full-time with mom, before starting at Bonnie’s daycare this month
  • Had your first sick visit to Dr. Fredriksz – first an infected tear duct, then your first cold. It was so sad to see you puny and coughing, but you were still as sweet as can be!
  • Started holding your head up much better, focusing on familiar faces, and ‘talking’ a lot more. Your favorite sound to mimick is ‘oh!’, and your sister has produced the biggest belly laughs out of you so far!

You love:

  • Snuggly blankets and your Soothie pacifier
  • Your swing
  • Watching people talk, and cooing/gurgling back

You don’t love:

  • Being cold
  • Waiting too long for bottles when you are hungry

I just love the little personality you are developing, and experiencing these fun baby moments all over again with you.  Sabrina, you are such a blessing to all of us!

3 month photo dump

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