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Sabrina – 5 months

And just like that, our sweet girl is 5 months old!  Sabrina turned into a little rolly polly this month…always grabbing at her toes, rocking back and forth and gumming on anything she can get her hands on.  Her gummy little smiley can light up our whole household, and we are all just smitten!

 Stats: No doctor visits this month!

Wearing: Size 6 month clothes and size 3 diapers

Eating/Sleeping: You are still eating about 6 oz. every 3 hours.  You tried your first baby oatmeal this month – you weren’t sure what to think!  You still wake up usually once in the middle of the night – you could kick that habit any time, little one 🙂

Nicknames: Brina, smushy

You found your hands and mouth big time this month!  You love chewing on your hands, pacifiers, your clothes and bibs…pretty much anything you can get your hands on.  You still use your pacifier to calm down sometimes, and really have no interest in your thumb or fingers for that.  You love your gray lamb blanket toy and yellow giraffe crinkly toy.  Your sister can still do no wrong in your eyes (you just love her!), and when daddy gets home from work and talks to you, you light up and get a little bashful.  So sweet!

You got over your ear infection this month just fine, but you are still dealing with a lot of congestion.  You have a stuffy nose a lot, and this has caused some epic spit up moments because you couldn’t breathe well while eating.  Just awful!

You love:

  • Your big sister
  • Being held
  • Your gray lamb blanket toy and yellow giraffe crinkly toy
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cartoon, and Kelly Green, the weather lady on WTHR
  • Being tickled

You don’t love:

  • Being put in your rock n’ play when you are wide awake
  • Waiting too long for bottles when you are hungry
  • Having snot sucked out of your nose

We love you sweet girl!

5 month photo dump

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