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Sabrina – 6 months

Our little Sabrina turned 6 months old recently…how did that happen?!  Life with two is fast and chaotic, and writing these monthly updates reminds me to slow down and enjoy the sweet moments.  They just go too fast!  Sabrina continues to be our cuddler…she is happy as can be if she is on someone’s hip or lap.  And if I could give one simple answer to what makes Sabrina happy?  Her big sister.  She is absolutely mesmerized by Corinne, which makes my heart swell bigger than its ever been, and also makes me cringe just thinking about the trouble these two will get into one day 😉  Here is a little glimpse at miss Sabrina at 6 months old!

Stats: 17 pounds, 0.5 oz. (60%), 26″ long (50%)

Wearing: Pushing the limit on your 6 month clothes – I’ve been stocking up on 9 month jammies and summer clothes!  Size 3 diapers.

Eating/Sleeping: 6-7 ounces of milk about every 3 to 3.5 hours.  We started baby food this month, and you are doing well!  You have tried sweet potatoes, squash, bananas and pears.  Sleep is still a bit inconsistent, but so much better this month.  Usually you lay down for the night at 8:30 p.m., and lately you’ve been sleeping until between 5:30-6:30 a.m.  (yes, I am ready for you to wake up at 2 a.m. now that I’ve jinxed everthing!)

Nicknames: Brina, chubby, smushy

You have become a busy little girl this month!  We brought out the bouncer this month, and girl, you work it out in that thing 🙂  You can catch some serious air!  You love crinkly book toys, stuffed animals, and chewing on the wrong side of your pacifier.  You consistently roll over to your back if you are on your tummy, and you have accidentally rolled from back to front in the middle of the night a few times.  You are not sitting up yet (you are so close!), but you love to stand up (assisted, of course).

6 month photo dump

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