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I had last week off after we came home from NYC, so Corinne and I get to be pals for the week!  I had all these grand ideas of things we could do with our extra time, but in the end, we didn’t do anything too noteworthy.  We did a lot of playing around the house, running errands here and there, and resting.  It.was.glorious!  I’m sad to see the week go, but it’s also nice to get ourselves back into a routine.  All that resting could make a girl lazy 😉

So, here is a recap of our cozy, comfy, homebody week at home!


Couch selfies…I’m cringing at my early morning grin, but Corinne?  That “I’m eating a grape” face is on point.


Grocery shopping…normally I do this alone, and Corinne would be so disappointed if she knew that (sorry, girl!).  This girl will talk your ear off learning about produce and laundry detergent.


Lots of rowdy play with this sweet girl…Ruby has become such a good sport when Corinne wants to play with her.  It is so sweet to see!


Lots of time to make yummy breakfasts (over medium eggs + toast are my jam) and not rush out the door in the morning.


Riding the cars at the mall.  Funny story – Old Navy has a bouncy ball vending machine, and this time, I obliged.  I stuck the quarter in, and a bouncy ball weaved it’s way out to the bottom hole.  When we were checking out, Corinne told the cashier, “Mom put a quarter in, and it turned into a ball.  LIKE MAGIC!”  Ha!


A visit to the local library for stories, coloring and puppet shows.


Corinne’s first haircut!  She got the tiniest trim in the back, just to even things up a bit.  She was so excited about the red car seat and watching her own personal TV, she literally didn’t even know the haircut happened.

And that, in a nutshell, was our week.  It may seem boring, but it was exactly what the doctor ordered.  I feel like I’ve got some gas back in my tank!

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