What I Love
stocking stuffers

I have so many fond memories of Christmas from when I was little, and for some reason, my Christmas stocking always stands out in my memory.  Our stockings were hand crocheted by my grandma, Gommie, and had our names on them.  Our hands would get stuck in the wide holes as you reached down in them to find your goodies.  I always loved finding little trinkets and items that were picked out just for me!

Now shopping for my girls, I have so much fun with their stockings.  Here are some ideas I’m cooking up for Corinne’s stocking this year.  I hope this inspires you if you have any littles in your life!


plush Shopkinslip balm setpom beaniepez candytwistable colored pencilsundiestoothbrushesPeanuts movie

I can’t wait to see Corinne’s eyes light up with the magic of Christmas this year.  There is truly nothing better than experiencing the holidays all over again with your kiddos!


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