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And just like that, our little girl is a three-year-old.  Truth be told, I absolutely love this age.  Can she be feisty?  Oh yes.  But I love the little conversations we can have, and she is the funniest person I know.  This girl has us in stitches 24/7.


I thought it would be fun to share a glimpse of Corinne now…not only because we are so proud of her, but I know one day I’ll love looking back and reading these memories.  I always think I’ll remember everything about the Corinne that is now…but time moves so quickly, and I look back at baby pictures that now seem like a lifetime ago.  It is times like these that I’m so thankful I started this blog…I’ll be able to look back 5 years from now and remember the little things that make Corinne who she is now.


three is independence

Corinne has always been independent.  But now, it’s even more prevalent.  She likes to pick out her own shirt in the morning.  She likes to peel her own Cutie oranges.  She wants to push the cart at Target.  I have to fight myself from jumping in – a lot.  I know I could do the task faster and more efficiently myself, but I know the pride it brings Corinne when she can do things for herself.  This has been a major lesson in patience for this mama.


three is sleepy

Let me preface this to say – I know I’m going to get paid back one day.  Corinne has always been a dream sleeper.  On weekends, she will sleep 11-12 hours at night, and still take a 2-3 hour nap.  She is very easy to put to bed (most of the time), and she does not get out of her twin bed without Brian or I coming in to get her (I know, crazy!).  The downside to all of this?  Weekdays are usually a struggle, because she doesn’t want to wake up yet.  If she likes sleep this much now, I can’t imagine her teenage years!


three is hilarious (I can’t make this stuff up)

Brian (after he couldn’t find his milkshake): “Hey, who took my milkshake?”  Corinne (sipping milkshake): “Daddy, don’t be selpish (selfish).”

After wiping out and busting her upper lip (tears in her eyes): “Mommy, I hurt my beard.”

As Brian opens car door to take Corinne out of her car seat: “Daddy, you have huge teeth!  And a huge nose!”

Corinne, holding her Easter craft at Bonnie’s house: “Mama, look at this chicken I made you!”  “Oh wait…I decided I made it for Grandma instead.”

I really need to start a journal just for these one liners…so. good. 🙂


three is dramatic

Just like any threenager, we most definitely have moments of drama.  One day she only wants to sit in the back part of the cart at Target, and the next visit produces a stream of tears because I put her in the back, not the front.  How dare you, mama?  We are teaching Corinne to listen to us, even when our request is not what she wants to do at that moment.  Bonnie has always been good about teaching her to be “sweet and nice” to her friends at daycare…some days a harder lesson to learn than others.  It is all a work in progress…this girl has spirit!


three is picky

Feeding a 3-year-old might be the pinnacle of frustration these days.  Bonnie texted me a recipe from Pinterest one day and said, “try this!  Corinne ate two helpings!” I made said casserole, and Corinne looked at me like I just cooked her fried dinosaur.  Corinne would eat only fruit and cheese if we would let her (future Napa Valley enthusiast?).  Meat and vegetables are a constant struggle, but we keep trying.  Someone please tell me this gets easier?!


three is a sweet spot

Overall, I feel like we’ve all created a wonderful groove that is working for our family.  Yes, there are days when it is hard to get it all done, but I feel like we’ve found a way to balance it for the most part.  I love that we can get up and go, with nothing but a sippy cup and extra pair of panties, just in case.  I love that she is very good with running errands, going out to eat, and visiting other people.  We’ve been blessed with a very happy girl who, for the most part, will go with our flow!  One thing I’ve never done is mess with her sleep schedule.  Aside from nap time, Corinne is up for almost anything, and I think keeping sleep on schedule definitely helps that.


Our sweet Corinne,

Thank you for all the joy you have brought to our lives!  You have a silly spirit and a sweet heart that is truly the brightest spot in the day of me and your daddy.  You are perceptive, and way too smart for you own good some days.  You teach me everyday to prioritize our family, and focus on the little things that make us happy.  You are such a social butterfly; there are definitely times when you bring your quiet mom and dad out of our shells!  Three years ago, as we patiently awaited your arrival, no one could have told us how much you would change our world for the good.  And I’m so glad…because living the story as it unfolds has been so much sweeter than anything we could have heard.

We love you!

Mama and Daddy


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  • Megan Simon

    March 28, 2016

    What a cutie! Happy Birthday!


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