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We are about 3 weeks (or so) away from welcoming baby girl #2 into the world, and I’m feeling it for sure!  Physically, I am so uncomfortable and ready, but I know there is a lot I still need to do before her arrival.  I’m trying to rest as much as I can in between running here, there and everywhere.  We spent our weekend finishing up the soccer season, and prepping/relaxing around the house!

img_3769 img_3771

We had 3 (yes, 3) soccer games this weekend to finish out the season!  Don’t let these sweet little pictures fool you…miss Corinne has had such an attitude about soccer.  She loves practice and drills, but just isn’t feeling 10 kiddos and only 1 ball in a game setting.  She has provided lots of laughs and groans as we tried to make it through the season!

Brian went to the Ball State football game in Muncie on Saturday afternoon, so Corinne and I had a girls’ night!  We got groceries through Kroger Click List (I see lots of click listing in the future weeks with these last weeks of pregnancy/getting used to newborn life again), grabbed dinner and relaxed around the house.


Sunday brought lots of relaxation and baby prep as we spent most of the day around the house.  There is nothing better than warm, fuzzy newborn sleepers right out of the dryer, right?  I am feeling pretty prepared for her arrival these days.  Brian asked over dinner, “when should we be packing hospital bags?”  Oh yeah…probably today 🙂  I know we will get there!


I try not to laugh, but this girl slays me when she grabs my eyeglasses and tries them on – sooo cute!  I make her take them right off because I don’t want to hurt her eyesight with my super-strong perscription, but I couldn’t resist a picture.


Sunday afternoon brought our last soccer game of the season!  In true Corinne fashion, provide an end-of-season prize, some snacks, and an audience, and this girl will perform!


Go team Twisters!  And all the parents said “amen” that the season was coming to a close 🙂


Coach Tom was great with the kiddos…so patient and fun.  Corinne loved him!

img_3829 img_3827

Papa and JoJo came for her last game!  She loved warming up with Papa before the game started, and of course, having an audience is always her thing.

It was fun to get Corinne out on the field and see her try new things the past few months.  I’m not going to lie, though, I’m glad to see our schedule calming down a bit in the coming weeks!

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