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This daughter of mine really keeps life interesting these days…the things she comes up with have a way of making me want to pull my hair out and laugh all in the same breath!  We had a very low-key weekend around here.  Brian worked on Saturday, so Corinne and I held down the fort until he got home.  Work has been stressful for me lately, so some down time at home is just what I needed/wanted.  Two days at home with my little chica really set things into a good perspective!


Toddler mamas out there, are your kids into PJ Masks?  Corinne literally loses her mind over this show…she starts screeching and running around like a teenager at a Bieber concert.  She is huge into pretend play right now, and PJ Masks is the only thing she wants to play lately.  She is always Gecko, she calls Brian Cat Boy, and I’m Owlette.  At least I get to be the cute character 😉  All weekend, she was saying, “Owlette, can I have more milk?” “CAT BOY, WHERE ARE YOU?” Cracks me up.

Corinne with Santa 20150002

I posted this on social media, but just can’t quit laughing about it.  Santa is THE MAN around here these days.  Every morning – “Did Santa come?”  At first she would always say she wanted a mermaid from Santa when people would ask her (easy).  Now?  She says she wants a bike.  Oh, jeez.  I’m just going to quit asking, because Santa is DONE!  No more requests, ha!

Anyway, we took Corinne to Jolly Days at the Children’s Museum to play and see Santa.  We took her last year and it went so, so well.  10 minute line to wait for Santa, so many great exhibits for her age group – we knew we wanted to do this again!

Corinne with Santa, 2014
Corinne with Santa, 2014

This morning, we were prepared.  We got there right as they opened, and were ready to high tail it straight to Santa to get that done first.  Well, the person who helped us with tickets said Santa didn’t come until 11 a.m.  Oh, nooooo.  So, we decided to go up to the carousel and miniature houses exhibit to play until Santa was ready for us.


And, she LOVED it.  They have an adorable miniature ice cream parlor, and Corinne was in heaven.  If this girl’s first job one day isn’t serving food, I’ll be shocked.  She is constantly taking our orders.  She loved this little shoppe so much, she wouldn’t leave.  Not even for Santa himself.


We finally corralled her down to the Jolly Days exhibit, and of course, the Santa line was snaked multiple times and I knew it was going to take FOREVER.  Thus began an hour of distraction – applesauce, pulling mom’s hair, singing songs, tears – ya know, the works!  We finally saw Santa, and as you can tell by the picture, Corinne was over it 🙂

While Corinne’s strong will can really test us some days – as any 2-year-old’s strong will can – I know I should be really proud and thankful for it.  I know one day she will fight for what she wants, and she will stand up for herself.  I can’t wait to see the human being she grows up to be!

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