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welcome, sabrina kay!

It’s been just about a week since our world was blessed with the arrival of our second daughter, Sabrina Kay.  And what a beautiful week it has been!  Sabrina was born last Sunday, October 23, at 8:29 a.m.  She weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz., and she was 21″ long.


We were scheduled for a repeat C-section this time, which was a mix of comfort (we knew what we were getting into) and a little strange (let’s set an alarm to have a baby!).  After Corinne’s birth taking forever, and then not ending up how we planned, it was a relief to have much more of a plan on how Sabrina’s day would go.


We were out of surgery and up to our post-partum room by mid-morning, and we were all worn out!  My dad and Joetta were the first visitors to see and us and the new baby.



Girlfriend’s first bath!  She hardly cried and I think she liked it, ha.  I get it, girl – I like when people wash my hair for me, too 😉


A visit from Brian’s parents…this is their 7th grandchild!


Corinne meeting her little sister for the first time!  She came to visit with my mom a little bit each day, and despite being a little uneasy about the whole situation, she did very well.  I don’t think she liked seeing me in a hospital gown & bed – she did much better a few days in when I was wearing normal clothes and sitting on the couch.


I love this picture of my mom and Corinne meeting Sabrina for the first time!


Another Holcomb girl has Daddy wrapped around her finger already 🙂


So alert for only one day old!



Our first family photo of four!  (And Corinne making sure that no one forgot she was there!)


Our last day in the hospital, with my little Halloween baby – ready to be home!


On our way home!

I always look at our time with both girls in the hospital as such a special time.  Yes, it is tough as well, as I’m trying to recover from surgery, but it so nice to hunker in and get to know our new dynamic as a family.  By the last day, we were so ready to be home with Corinne!  I feel very blessed to have had a safe and healthy birth and baby – there is really nothing else we could ask for.  Welcome to our family, sweet Sabrina girl!

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