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what i love: christmas cheer

I am strict with the “wait until Thanksgiving is over” mentality when it comes to decorating for Christmas.  But when stores start marketing the best time of year in October, a girl gets excited.  While you won’t see me going full-fledged Clark Griswold until Nov. 27, I won’t complain if these Christmas goodies sneak into my life a little early.

Christmas Cheer

1. These perfect candles keep the Holcomb home smelling good year round, but I love their fall and winter scents the best.  2. I look forward to themed toddler jammies with the change of every season/holiday – Brian thinks I’m nuts.  I just bought Corinne these and I can’t wait to break them out.  3. Are you sick of hearing about the red cups yet?  4. I love this CD for it’s mix of fun and traditional…everything the holidays should be (his holiday Pandora station is also great).  5. Back to one of my favorite stores…Corinne and I just picked up these foaming soaps on our mama/daughter shopping trip over the weekend.  She sniffed each one, and then sat down on the floor with one and attempted to wash her hands.  Haha!

While I’m not rushing 2015 away, I’m particularly excited for the holiday season to arrive this year.  I always love the decorations, the smells, the warmth, and the chance to rest and reflect.  But now that Corinne is old enough to understand and love the season like we do – Merry (early) Christmas!

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