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what I love: cleaning products

I’m hoping I didn’t lose you with that title, ha!  Every year when Christmas winds down, I have to fight the urge to take down the tree and decorations immediately.  There is nothing like decorating for Christmas, but there is also nothing like putting it all away and starting anew.

Truth be told, I really love cleaning.  My mom and I would fight over the laundry chore when I was growing up, and for the most part, I’ve never had a problem with cleaning.  I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite cleaning & laundry products:

cleaning products updated

1. I am a Tide girl through and through.  I’ve tried other brands to save some money, but I just need my Tide!  When we had Corinne I switched over to the Free & Gentle version to be kind to her skin, and I’ve come to love not having a heavy scent to our clothing.  2. This all-natural dish soap smells heavenly.  I started out buying the White Grapefruit (yum), but when I tried Lemon Verbena, I was hooked.  I also love how gentle it is!  3. I bought these reusable dryer balls, and they’ve really changed my laundry game.  These wool balls soften your clothing, take the static out and keep everything fluffy, with no chemicals.  They have completely replaced dryer sheets and fabric softener for us!  We are down to 5 balls (either a cute dog or a cute toddler must be to blame), but I know this little investment will far outlast the time any chemical laundry product would.  4. I’ve replaced my standard toilet brush with these, and this is so much more sanitary.  The brush at the end pops off when you are done cleaning your toilet, so you don’t have yucky germs hanging around in your bathroom.  5. Another Honest Company product that I’m completely sold on – their multi-purpose cleaner.  I use this on our counter tops and kitchen table, and I love that I don’t have to worry about strange chemicals on our eating spaces.

Do you have any cleaning products you love that I’m missing?  I also understand if I’ve lost you all by now, because I’m the crazy girl who loves this kind of stuff 😉  Happy new year, friends!


  • Roxy

    December 30, 2015

    You drew me in with this title–I love cleaning too! I recently started making my own products at home, mostly using vinegar, baking soda, Castile soap, and essential oils. Feels good to clean with “clean” products. Definitely getting that toilet brush. 😉

    • tara.d.holcomb@gmail.com

      December 30, 2015

      Thanks, Roxy! I love vinegar to clean my floors!


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