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what I love: organization

On Monday I highlighted the resolutions I’ll be tackling for 2016.  There are definitely some drawers and areas that need my attention more than others, and I can’t wait to get rid of some unnecessary stuff!  To keep things tidy, and our life in line, here are a few of my favorite organizational tools around our home:


1. This car organizing bin helps keep my car tidy and clutter free.  From tissues, to hand sanitizer, to extra undies for Corinne, this little bin keeps things I may need right at my fingertips, but also cleanly hidden away.  The top also flips over to make a hard surface for drinks, snacks and toys during road trips!  2. Oh, toys.  Are you with me, mamas?  This a losing battle, but I do my best to keep Corinne’s toys tidy.  The best solution I’ve found is this cube organizer shelf with these fabric cube boxes.  I try to keep different toy categories (babies, food, princess stuff) in different cubes so we can find things easily.  3. There are some amazingly detailed life planners out there, but I keep it pretty simple.  Planners like this give me both a weekly and monthly view of our schedule, and gives me plenty of space to keep notes.  Anyone out there still old-fashioned with the paper planner like me?? 4. Each year I design a photo collage calendar to hang in our kitchen.  I love having photos from the previous year to look back on for each month, but it is also very helpful to always have a calendar in the kitchen for when we are discussing schedules.  5. They don’t look like much, but these basic plastic containers are my #1 organizing tool.  I have them in every room of my house.  I use them mostly in cabinets and larger drawers to corral smaller items (in my desk, one contains note pads and the other contains staples/staple removers/tape/etc.  In our kitchen cabinets, I have multiple that house Corinne’s small plates/cups, our vitamins/medicine, etc.).  They have many sizes of these containers, but I like the smallest versions best.

I’ll continue updating as I tackle some cluttered areas of our house, and make them more useful.  Do any of you have useful tools I haven’t mentioned here?

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